Play together by sending text messages. This app is filled with 30+ texting games that incite conversations. Playing Together (SamenSpelen) is a simple and elegant design that can strengthen your social network.

The game is part of a long-term study to loneliness amongst elderly (65+). The games are designed to look and feel like WhatsApp but foster all kinds of funny interactions.

  • Emoji: picturesque charades with emojis
  • Weird Selfie: send a selfie in a compromising pose…
  • Letter Soup: bluf that you can make more words from WRDS or other random letters.
  • PhotoSnake: make a picture that starts with the last letter of the item om the last picture.
  • Find the Difference: make a picture, change three things, make another picture… can other figure out what you changed?
  • And many, many more!